Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting

Modern, Low Voltage Lighting

When it comes to illuminating your home with some bright, proper lighting object, you can go for recessed lighting trim. Recessed lighting trims are utility lighting fixtures that have multipurpose usage. Whether it is your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bath room, recessed lighting trims can be used everywhere. Recessed lights are variably known as can lights, pot lights and down lights in different countries. Its name is directly related with its structure and installation. Installing recessed lightings requires a hole in the ceiling, in which the fixture is inserted. After installing, it seems that the light is coming from inside the ceiling itself. The visible part of the recessed light, if one looks at it from right below, is the trim.

Recessed lighting trims are best used as flood lights and as spot lights. If you want to have a dim glow effect, when you are watching a movie, or reading a book in your bedroom at night, you can use a dimmer to adjust the glow of the recessed light. Recessed lights can also be adjusted in the direction you want them to give light to. They are also ideal for bathroom, kitchen, outdoor area, porch and such other parts of the home. They are used to make a dark or dull area instantly glowy and brighten up.

When the recessed lighting trims are used in bathroom, they serve the purpose of accent lighting, task lighting, slope ceiling trim and wet location trim. There is perhaps no substitute for the recessed lighting trims when it comes to an even and complete wash effect. There are a variety of recessed lighting trims that you can use to enhance the ambience of your bathroom or bedroom. If you want to lighten up your porch, going easy on pocket, there is the low voltage wet location trim to choose from. These lights are particularly safe for outdoor installation, as they hardly get damaged. While the recessed lights are chiefly the modern lighting fixtures, you can also pick from traditional, country or other styles of lightning fixtures Recessed lights are also effective in enhancing the mood and thus can be used as mood lights.

Choice of recessed lights depends on where they will be installed and on your personal style. If you want to give your room a lavish look, then go for low voltage linear lighting and the two-light track lighting kit. Outdoor wall lanterns for your entryway and table lamps for your reading room are two other forms of recessed lights. DuttonBrown lighting also offer a wide range of trims to choose from.