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Whether you are financing a new home or refinancing your current home mortgage, low interest rates and the terms of your loan will affect your monthly budget, quality of life and Real Estate profitability. We have been assisting clients with financing home loan mortgages since 1995 and can probably arrange the right deal for you.

VA Loans

A VA Home Loan in San Diego is sponsored by the VA and is a government insured, no down payment, loan for members and former members of the US armed forces, even loans for furniture. Additionally, armed forces Reserve members, both former and current – may be eligible for loan benefits from the VA Loan program.

FHA Loans

If you currently have an older FHA loan, and are still paying the original interest rate – you may be eligible to participate in the FHA Streamline Refinance program – which allows for the refinancing of an existing FHA loan with only limited documentation and minimal underwriting qualifications.

Conventional Loans

Is defined as a mortgage with equal monthly payments, a fixed term, and a fixed interest rate established when the mortgage is created. Conventional loans are not backed by government guarantees and are normally funded by Mortgage Bankers, Banks or Savings and Loans, even travel loans.

Loan Processing

How smoothly your home loan application flows from step to step in the mortgage approval process is an important factor in how quickly you can move in to your new home, the terms of the loan you receive and the closing costs you pay.


A Refinancing loan isn’t really a unique and specific type of loan – though it may seem like it sometimes. Rather, it is part of a financial strategy to lower your overall interest expenses and optimize your cash flow. You can refinance virtually anything that has surplus value over and above what is currently owed.

Credit Issues

Whether you are a first time home buyer applying for your first home loan or a seasoned homeowner planning to refinance or purchase another home, you will need to pass a rigorous credit check in order to qualify for the most favorable loan package.

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