French Chandlier Lighting

Bring Some Grandure into Your Home- If you want to illuminate your room and yet bring in a feel of the 18th century French royalty and antiquity, then French chandeliers are just perfect for you. In contrast with the English chandeliers, which chiefly have glass drops; French chandeliers have more of wrought iron structure

This classic lighting fixture has a legacy of French royalty, and at the same time has features of modern lighting fixtures. French chandeliers can be hung from high ceilings as magnificent centerpiece and are mostly devoid of chained structure. They look like an intricate bouquet of wrought iron, which holds flowery bulbs at the end of the branches. Earlier the chandeliers used to hold candles but now they are replaced by bulbs. They are usually hung by a chain, which could be lowered for replacing the finished candles, if required. Contemporary French chandeliers have incorporated bronze, porcelain and cut glass in the place of wrought iron, although wrought iron is still the centerpiece and signature of aristocracy. The use of wrought iron chandeliers has decreased because of their complex design, which is very difficult to repair. These chandeliers are permanently fixed to the ceilings, as there is no need to replace the candles on a daily basis. Another characteristic of French chandeliers is that they have a lot of crystals embedded on them. The crystals are used either on the stems of the chandeliers or are hung from beneath the light bulbs to add to its brilliance. Nowadays, floral designs have also been added by leaf or grapelike ornamentation.

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The particular lighting in your house is often a powerful tool that can improve the appear and feel of your house extra for you to providing you while using extra lighting necessity.

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